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From Ian Soboroff <ian.sobor...@nist.gov>
Subject Task files in _temporary not getting promoted out
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2009 01:43:45 GMT
Ok, help.  I am trying to create local task outputs in my reduce job,  
and they get created, then go poof when the job's done.

My first take was to use FileOutputFormat.getWorkOutputPath, and  
create directories in there for my outputs (which are Lucene  
indexes).  Exasperated, I then wrote a small OutputFormat/RecordWriter  
pair to write the indexes.  In each case, I can see directories being  
created in attempt_foo/_temporary, but when the task is over they're  

I've stared at TextOutputFormat and I can't figure out why it's files  
survive and mine don't.  Help!  Again, this is 0.18.3.


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