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From John Martyniak <j...@avum.com>
Subject Re: Multiple NIC Cards
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 20:46:14 GMT

Thanks for the suggestions.

So I made those suggestions and on both the Map/Reduce, NameNode web  
UIs the machines are listed using the external IP address.

So I don't think that worked.  I am going to try it again and clear  
out everything in the /tmp directory and try again.


On Jun 9, 2009, at 3:17 PM, Raghu Angadi wrote:

> I still need to go through the whole thread. but we feel your pain.
> First, please try setting fs.default.name to namenode internal ip on  
> the datanodes. This should make NN to attach internal ip so the  
> datanodes (assuming your routing is correct). NameNode webUI should  
> list internal ips for datanode. You might have to temporarily change  
> NameNode code to listen on
> That said, The issues you are facing are pretty unfortunate. As  
> Steve mentioned Hadoop is all confused about hostname/ip and there  
> is unecessary reliance on hostname and reverse DNS look ups in many  
> many places.
> At least fairly straight fwd set ups with multiple NICs should be  
> handled well.
> dfs.datanode.dns.interface should work like you expected (but not  
> very surprised it didn't).
> Another thing you could try is setting dfs.datanode.address to the  
> internal ip address (this might already be discussed in the thread).  
> This should at least get all the bulk datatransfers happen over  
> internal NICs. One way to make sure is to hover on the datanode node  
> on NameNode webUI.. it shows the ip address.
> good luck.
> It might be better document your pains and findings in a Jira (with  
> most of the details in one or more comments rather than in  
> description).
> Raghu.
> John Martyniak wrote:
>> So I changed all of the on one machine to point to the  
>> address.
>> And still it picks up the hostname and ip address of the external  
>> network.
>> I am kind of at my wits end with this, as I am not seeing a  
>> solution yet, except to take the machines off of the external  
>> network and leave them on the internal network which isn't an option.
>> Has anybody had this problem before?  What was the solution?
>> -John
>> On Jun 9, 2009, at 10:17 AM, Steve Loughran wrote:
>>> One thing to consider is that some of the various services of  
>>> Hadoop are bound to 0:0:0:0, which means every Ipv4 address, you  
>>> really want to bring up everything, including jetty services, on  
>>> the en0 network adapter, by binding them to; this  
>>> will cause anyone trying to talk to them over the other network to  
>>> fail, which at least find the problem sooner rather than later

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