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From Foss User <foss...@gmail.com>
Subject My configuration in conf/hadoop-site.xml is not being used. Why?
Date Tue, 19 May 2009 19:52:38 GMT
I ran a job. In the jobtracker web interface, I found 4 maps and 1
reduce running. This is not what I set in my configuration files

My configuration file, conf/hadoop-site.xml is set as follows:

mapred.map.tasks = 2
mapred.reduce.tasks = 2

However, the description of these properties mention that these
settings would be ignored if mapred.job.tracker is set as 'local'.
Mine is set properly with IP address, port number. Please note that
the above configuration is from the 'conf/hadoop-site.xml' file of the
job tracker node.

I have also not overridden these settings in my Job class (java code).

So, can anyone please explain why it was executing 4 maps but only 1
reduce? I have included some important entries from the job.xml of
this job below:

name    value
mapred.skip.reduce.max.skip.groups      0
mapred.reduce.max.attempts      4
mapred.reduce.tasks     1
mapred.reduce.tasks.speculative.execution       true
mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum 2
dfs.replication 2
mapred.reduce.copy.backoff      300

mapred.task.cache.levels        2
mapred.max.tracker.failures     4
mapred.map.tasks        4
mapred.map.tasks.speculative.execution  true
mapred.tasktracker.map.tasks.maximum    2

Please help.

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