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From "Adam Retter" <Adam.Ret...@landmark.co.uk>
Subject Appropriate for Hadoop?
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:05:54 GMT

If I understand correctly - Hadoop forms a general purpose cluster on
which you can execute jobs?

We have a Java data processing application here that follows the
Producer -> Consumer pattern. It has been written with threading as a
concern from the start using java.util.concurrent.Callable.

At present the producer is a thread that retrieves a list of document
URI's from a SQL query against databaseA and adds them to a shared
(synchronised) queue.

Each consumer is a thread, of which there can be n, but we typically run
with 16 on the current hardware.
The consumer sits in a loop, processing the queue until it is empty. It
removes a document URI from the shared queue, retrieves the document and
performs a pipeline of transformations on the document, resulting in a
series of 600 to 16000 SQL insert statements which are then executed
against databaseB.

I have been reading about both Terracotta and Hadoop. Hadoop appears the
more general purpose solution that we could use for many applications,
however I am not sure how our application would map onto Hadoop
concepts. I have been studying the Map/Reduce Hadoop approach but our
application does not produce any intermediate files that would be the
input/output to the Map/Reduce processes.

Any guidance would be appreciated, it may well be that our application
is not an appropriate use of Hadoop?

Thanks Adam.
Adam Retter
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