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From Ricky Ho <...@adobe.com>
Subject RE: HDFS as a logfile ??
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 15:01:32 GMT
Ari, thanks for your note.

Like to understand more how Chukwa group log entries ... If I have appA running in machine
X, Y and appB running in machine Y, Z.  Each of them calling the Chukwa log API.

Do I have all entries going in the same HDFS file ?  or 4 separated HDFS files based on the
App/Machine combination ?

If the answer of first Q is "yes", then what if appA and appB has different format of log
entries ?
If the answer of second Q is "yes", then are all these HDFS files cut at the same time boundary

Looks like in Chukwa, application first log to a daemon, which buffer-write the log entries
into a local file.  And there is a separate process to ship these data to a remote collector
daemon which issue the actual HDFS write.  I observe the following overhead ...

1) The overhead of extra write to local disk and ship the data over to the collector.  If
HDFS supports append, the application can then go directly to the HDFS

2) The centralized collector establish a bottleneck to the otherwise perfectly parallel HDFS

Am I missing something here ?


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From: Ariel Rabkin [mailto:asrabkin@gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2009 7:38 AM
To: core-user@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: Re: HDFS as a logfile ??

Chukwa is a Hadoop subproject aiming to do something similar, though
particularly for the case of Hadoop logs.  You may find it useful.

Hadoop unfortunately does not support concurrent appends.  As a
result, the Chukwa project found itself creating a whole new demon,
the chukwa collector, precisely to merge the event streams and write
it out, just once. We're set to do a release within the next week or
two, but in the meantime you can check it out from SVN at


On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 12:06 AM, Ricky Ho <rho@adobe.com> wrote:
> I want to analyze the traffic pattern and statistics of a distributed application.  I
am thinking of having the application write the events as log entries into HDFS and then later
I can use a Map/Reduce task to do the analysis in parallel.  Is this a good approach ?
> In this case, does HDFS support concurrent write (append) to a file ?  Another question
is whether the write API thread-safe ?
> Rgds,
> Ricky

Ari Rabkin asrabkin@gmail.com
UC Berkeley Computer Science Department

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