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From "Patterson, Josh" <jpatters...@tva.gov>
Subject RE: Small Test Data Sets
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2009 14:53:47 GMT
You are exactly right, there was a secondary contructor in my Reader
class that was not setting its split start and length correctly, each
one was just reading the whole file. I missed a silly one, thanks for
the heads up!

Josh Patterson

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From: Enis Soztutar [mailto:enis.soz@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 5:27 AM
To: core-user@hadoop.apache.org
Subject: Re: Small Test Data Sets

Patterson, Josh wrote:
> I want to confirm something with the list that I'm seeing;
> I needed to confirm that my Reader was reading our file format
> correctly, so I created a MR job that simply output each K/V pair to
> reducer, which then just wrote out each one to the output file. This
> allows me to check by hand that all K/V points of data from our file
> format are getting pulled out of the file correctly. I have setup our
> InputFormat, RecordReader, and Reader subclasses for our specific file
> format.
> While running some basic tests on a small (1meg) single file I noticed
> something odd --- I was getting 2 copies of each data point in the
> output file. Initially I thought my Reader was just somehow reading
> data point and not moving the read head, but I verified that was not
> case through a series of tests.
> I then went on to reason that since I had 2 mappers by default on my
> job, and only 1 input file, that each mapper must be reading the file
> independently. I then set the -m flag to 1, and I got the proper
> Is it safe to assume in testing on a file that is smaller than the
> size that I should always use -m 1 in order to get proper
> mapping? Also, should I assume that if you have more mappers than disk
> blocks involved that you will get duplicate values? I may have set
> something wrong, I just wanted to check. Thanks
> Josh Patterson
If you have developed your own inputformat, than the problem might be 
The job of the inputformat is to create input splits, and readers. For 
one file and
two mappers, the input format should return two splits each representing

half of
the file. In your case, I assume you return two splits each containing 
the whole file.
Is this the case?


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