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From bjday <bj...@cse.usf.edu>
Subject Hadoop setup questions
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:39:16 GMT
Good morning everyone,

I have a question about correct setup for hadoop.  I have 14 Dell 
computers in a lab.   Each connected to the internet and each 
independent of each other.  All run CentOS.  Logins are handled by NIS.  
If userA logs into the master and starts the daemons and UserB logs into 
the master and wants to run a job while the daemons from UserA are still 
running the following error occurs:

copyFromLocal: org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException: 
Permission denied: user=UserB, access=WRITE, 

 what needs to be changed to allow UserB-UserZ to run their jobs?  Does 
there need to be a local user the everyone logs into as and run from 
there?  Should Hadoop be ran in an actual cluster instead of independent 
computers?  Any ideas what is the correct configuration settings that 
allow it?

I followed Ravi Phulari suggestions and followed:


These allowed me to get Hadoop running on the 14 computers when I login 
and everything works fine, thank you Ravi.  The problem occurs when 
additional people attempt to run jobs simultaneously.

Thank you,


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