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From Karl Anderson <...@monkey.org>
Subject Re: Unusual Failure of jobs
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 04:07:38 GMT

On 22-Dec-08, at 10:24 AM, Nathan Marz wrote:

> I have been experiencing some unusual behavior from Hadoop recently.  
> When trying to run a job, some of the tasks fail with:
> java.io.IOException: Task process exit with nonzero status of 1.
> 	at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskRunner.runChild(TaskRunner.java:462)
> 	at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskRunner.run(TaskRunner.java:403
> Not all the tasks fail, but enough tasks fail such that the job  
> fails. Unfortunately, there are no further logs for these tasks.  
> Trying to retrieve the logs produces:
> Failed to retrieve stdout log for task:  
> attempt_200811101232_0218_m_000001_0
> RequestURI=/tasklog
> It seems like the tasktracker isn't able to even start the tasks on  
> those machines. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

I see this on jobs that also get the "too many open files" task  
errors, or on subsequent jobs.  I've always assumed that it's another  
manifestation of the same problem.  Once I start getting these errors,  
I keep getting them until I shut down the cluster, although I don't  
always get enough to cause a job to fail.  I haven't bothered  
restarting individual boxes or services.

I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently, but it seems to  
happen when I have many small input files; a job with one large input  
file broke after I split the input up.  I'm using Streaming.

Karl Anderson

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