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From "Hyunsik Choi" <c0d3h...@gmail.com>
Subject Why doesn't hadoop invoke the topology script with only IP address as the argument?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 10:28:48 GMT
I tried to use the topology script defined by
topology.script.file.name property in order for rack awareness. After
setting and restart hadoop, I ran the wordcount example to test rack
awareness. However, some hosts are assigned to valid rack IDs produced
by ip address, but others are assigned to invalid rack IDs produced by

In order to find the problem, I added dump code to the topology script
file in order to store all given arguments to certain file.
As a result, I knew that in most times the topology script file is
called by IP address but in some case it is called by hostname.

Is it correct?

Hyunsik Choi
Database & Information Systems Group,
Korea University

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