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From Jason Venner <ja...@attributor.com>
Subject Question about the Namenode edit log and syncing the edit log to disk. 0.19.0
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 18:44:20 GMT
I have always assumed (which is clearly my error) that edit log writes 
were flushed to storage to ensure that the edit log was consistent 
during machine crash recovery.

I have been working through FSEditLog.java and I don't see any calls of 
force(true) on the file channel or sync on the file descriptor, and the 
edit log is not opened with an 's' or 'd' ie: the open flags are "rw" 
and not "rws" or "rwd".

The only thing I see in the code, is that the space in the file where 
the updates will be written is preallocated.

Have I missed the mechanism that the edit log data is flushed to the disk?

Is the edit log data not forcibly flushed to the disk, instead reling on 
the host operating system to perform the physical writes at a later date?

Thanks -- Jason

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