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From Hemanth Yamijala <yhema...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: HOD questions
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 03:23:01 GMT
>> While HOD does not do this automatically, please note that since you 
>> are bringing up a Map/Reduce cluster on the allocated nodes, you can 
>> submit map/reduce parameters with which to bring up the cluster when 
>> allocating jobs. The relevant options are 
>> --gridservice-mapred.server-params (or -M in shorthand). Please refer to
>> http://hadoop.apache.org/core/docs/r0.19.0/hod_user_guide.html#Options+for+Configuring+Hadoop

>> for details.
> I was aware of this, but the issue is that unless you obtain dedicated 
> nodes (as above), this option is not suitable, as it isn't set on a 
> per-node basis. I think it would be /fairly/ straightfoward to add to 
> HOD, as I detailed in my initial email, so that it "does the correct 
> thing" out the box.

True, I did assume you obtained dedicated nodes. It has been fairly 
simpler to operate HOD in this manner, and if I understand correctly, 
would help to solve the requirement you are having as well.
> According to hadoop-default.xml, the number of maps is "Typically set 
> to a prime several times greater than number of available hosts." - 
> Say that we relax this recommendation to read "Typically set to a 
> NUMBER several times greater than number of available hosts" then it 
> should be straightforward for HOD to set it automatically then?
Actually, AFAIK, the number of maps for a job is determined more or less 
exclusively by the M/R framework based on the number of splits. I've 
seen messages on this list before about how the documentation for this 
configuration item is misleading. So, this might actually not make a 
difference at all, whatever is specified.


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