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From Amareshwari Sriramadasu <amar...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: NLine Input Format
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 04:15:25 GMT
Rahul Tenany wrote:
> Hi Amareshwari,
>     It is in the ToolRunner.run() method that i am setting the 
> FileInputFormat as NLineInputFormat and in the same function i am 
> setting the mapred.line.input.format.linespermap property. Will that 
> not work? How can i overload LineRecordReader, so that it returns the 
> value as N Lines?
Setting Configuration in run() method will also work. You have to extend 
LineRecordReader and override method next() to return N lines as value 
instead of 1 line.


> Thanks
> Rahul
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 9:43 AM, Amareshwari Sriramadasu 
> <amarsri@yahoo-inc.com <mailto:amarsri@yahoo-inc.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Rahul,
>     How did you set the configuration
>     "mapred.line.input.format.linespermap" and your input format? You
>     have to set them in hadoop-site.xml or pass them through -D option
>     to the job.
>     NLineInputFormat will split N lines of input as one split. So,
>     each map gets N lines.
>     But the RecordReader is still LineRecordReader, which reads one
>     line at time, thereby Key is the offset in the file and Value is
>     the line.
>     If you want N lines as Key, you may to override LineRecordReader.
>     Thanks
>     Amareshwari
>     Rahul Tenany wrote:
>         Hi,   I am writing a Binary Search Tree on Hadoop and for the
>         same i require
>         to use NLineInputFormat. I'll read n lines at a time, convert
>         the numbers in
>         each line from string to int and then insert them into the
>         binary tree. Once
>         the binary tree is made i'll search for elements in it. But
>         even if i set
>         that input format as NLineInputFormat and set the
>         mapred.line.input.format.linespermap
>         to 10, i am able to read only 1 line at the time. Any idea
>         where am i going
>         wrong? How can i find whether NLineInputFormat is working or not?
>         I want my program to work for any object that is comparable
>         and not just
>         integers, so in there any way i can read NObjects at a time?
>         I am completely stuck. Any help will be appreciated.
>         Thanks
>         Rahul

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