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From Sagar Naik <sn...@attributor.com>
Subject Re: Recovering NN failure when the SNN data is on another server
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2008 19:25:47 GMT

Take backup of you dfs.data.dir (both on namenode and secondary namenode).
If secondary namenode is not running on same machine as namenode, copy 
over the fs.checkpoint.dir from secondary onto namenode.

start only the namenode . The "importCheckpoint" fails for a valid NN 
image. If you want to override NN image by SNN's image , delete the 

For additional info :

Pl note I am not an expert.
Just had similar problem and this worked for me


Yossi Ittach wrote:
> Hi all
> I apologize if the topic has already been answered - I couldn't find it.
> I'm trying to restart a failed NN using "hadoop namenode -importCheckpoint"
> , and the SNN is configured on another server. However , the NN keeps
> looking for the SNN data folder on the local server , and not on the SNN
> Server.
> Any ideas?
> 10X!
> Vale et me ama
> Yossi

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