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From George Porter <George.Por...@Sun.COM>
Subject Distributed Hadoop available on an OpenSolaris-based Live CD
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 00:37:25 GMT

I'd like to announce the availability of an open-source “Live CD”  
aimed at providing new users to Hadoop with a fully functional, pre- 
configured Hadoop cluster that is easy to start up and use and lets  
people get a quick look at what Hadoop offers in terms of power and  
ease of use. By lowering the barrier to getting Hadoop up and  
running, more people can try it out and explore its features.

The CD image provided gives users an environment emulating a fully  
distributed, three-node virtual Hadoop cluster. One of the reasons we  
used OpenSolaris is its ability to emulate a multinode cluster  
environment in a very small memory foot print. A three-node Map/ 
Reduce cluster can be brought up on a machine with as little as 800  
MB of memory. Each additional virtual cluster node only requires  
about 40 MB of additional memory, in addition to the memory used by  
Hadoop. This means that people can take Hadoop for a spin, even on  
their laptop.

Since the CD is “live”, it does not modify the contents of the user's  
computer. This makes it ideal for those wishing to try out Hadoop  
without having to install any software. For example, students wishing  
to use Hadoop in a classroom lab environment can work entirely off of  
the CD.

Included in this release is Hadoop 0.17.1 running on OpenSolaris. You  
can join the OpenSolaris Hadoop community online, as well as download  
the CD image, documentation, and other resources from http:// 
opensolaris.org/os/project/livehadoop/ If you have any requests or  
suggestions for improvements to this distribution of Hadoop, please  
let us know through the community site, or join the discussion by  
sending an email to edu-discuss-subscribe@opensolaris.org

George Porter

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