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From Monchanin Eric <emoncha...@skycore.com>
Subject HDFS
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:48:52 GMT
Hello to all,

I have been attracted by the Hadoop project while looking for a solution
for my application.
Basically, I have an application hosting user generated content (images,
sounds, videos) and I would like to have this available at all time for
all my servers.
Servers will basically add new content, user can manipulate the existing
content, make compositions etc etc ...

We have a few servers (2 for now) dedicated to hosting content, and
right now, they are connected via sshfs on some folders, in order to
shorten the transfert time between these content servers and the
application servers.

Would the Hadoop filesystem be usefull in my case, is it worth digging
into it.

In the case it is doable, how redundant the system is ? for instance, to
store 1 MB of data, how much storage do I need (I guess at least 2 MB ...) ?

I hope I made myself clear enough and will get encouraging answers,

Bests to all,


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