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From Mork0075 <mork0...@googlemail.com>
Subject Hadoop also applicable in a web app environment?
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2008 18:11:28 GMT

i just discovered the Hadoop project and it looks really interesting to 
me. As i can see at the moment, Hadoop is really useful for data 
intensive computations. Is there a Hadoop scenario for scaling web 
applications too? Normally web applications are not that computation 
heavy. The need of scaling them, arises from increasing users, which 
perform (every user in his session) simple operations like querying some 
data from the database.

So distributing this scenario, a Hadoop job would be to "map" the 
requests to a certain server in the cluster and "reduce" it. But this is 
what load balancers normally do, this doenst solve the scalabilty 
problem so far.

So my question: is there a Hadoop scenario for "non computation heavy 
but heavy load" web applications?

Thanks a lot

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