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From "Bernard Butler" <bbut...@tssg.org>
Subject Datanodes that start and then disappear
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 17:52:33 GMT

I'm new to Hadoop - so hope you can help with this problem.

I'm trying to set up a small (2-zone) hadoop cluster on Solaris.
start-dfs.sh runs without error, e.g., it prints the following to the

master: starting datanode, logging to ..
slave: starting datanode, logging to ..

All looks well.  However, when I check the DFS admin web page on the
master (on port 50070) it says

Cluster Summary
1 files and directories, 0 blocks = 1 total. Heap Size is 18.5 MB / 448 MB
Capacity	:	0 KB
DFS Remaining	:	0 KB
DFS Used	:	0 KB
DFS Used%	:	0 %
Live Nodes 	:	0
Dead Nodes 	:	0

There are no datanodes in the cluster

I had a look in the datanode logs and they were empty on both master and

Running netstat -an on the master shows that it is listening on ports
50070, 50090 and 54310 (I changed fs.default.name to avoid a port
conflict).  The slave has no hadoop-related ports active although there is
a single com.sun.management.jmxremote process running.

FYI a single-node pseudo-distributed installation worked fine on the
master.  I'm running hadoop-0.17.1.  I did not run start-mapred.sh.

Advice/suggestions would be very welcome.

B Butler

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