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From "Paco NATHAN" <cet...@gmail.com>
Subject JobTracker History data+analysis
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 02:06:34 GMT
We have a need to access data found in the JobTracker History link.
Specifically in the "Analyse This Job" analysis. Must be run in Java,
between jobs, in the same code which calls ToolRunner and JobClient.
In essence, we need to collect descriptive statistics about task
counts and times for map, shuffle, reduce.

After tracing the flow of the JSP in "src/webapps/job"...  Is there a
better way to get at this data, *not* from the web UI perspective but
from the code?

Tried to find any applicable patterns in JobTracker, ClusterStatus,
JobClient, etc., but no joy.


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