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From Karl Anderson <...@monkey.org>
Subject hadoop-ec2 log access
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 01:23:49 GMT
I'm unable to access my logs with the JobTracker/TaskTracker web  
interface for a Hadoop job running on Amazon EC2.  The URLs given for  
the task logs are of the form:


The Hadoop-EC2 docs suggest that I should be able to get onto port  
50060 for the master and the task boxes, is there a way to reach the  
logs?  Maybe by finding out what IP address to use?  Or is there a way  
to see the logs on the master?  When I run pseudo-distributed, the  
logs show up in the logs/userlogs subdirectory of the Hadoop root, but  
not on my EC2 instances.

I'm running a streaming job, so I need to be able to look at the  
stderr of my tasks.

Thanks for any help.

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