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From Chris Collins <ch...@scoutlabs.com>
Subject Re: client connect as different username?
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 00:49:51 GMT
We know whomai is called, thanks, I found out painfully the first day  
I played with this because in dev, my ide is started not from a  
shell.  Therefor the path is not inherited to include /usr/bin.  Hdfs  
client hides the actual fact that ProcessBuilder barfs with a file not  
found with a "login exception", "whoami".  Not as clear as I would of  
liked :-}|

You are referring to creating a directory in hdfs?  Because if I am  
user chris and the hdfs only has user foo, then I cant create a  
directory because I dont have perms, infact I cant even connect.  I  
believe another emailer holds the answer which was blindly dumb on my  
part for not trying, that of adding a user in unix and creating a  
group that those users belong to.


On Jun 11, 2008, at 5:36 PM, Allen Wittenauer wrote:

> On 6/11/08 5:17 PM, "Chris Collins" <chris@scoutlabs.com> wrote:
>> The finer point to this is that in development you may be logged in  
>> as
>> user x and have a shared hdfs instance that a number of people are
>> using.  In that mode its not practical to sudo as you have all your
>> development tools setup for userx.  hdfs is setup with a single user,
>> what is the procedure to add users to that hdfs instance?  It has to
>> support it surely?  Its really not obvious, looking in the hdfs docs
>> that come with the distro nothing springs out.  the hadoop command
>> line tool doesnt have anything that vaguely looks like a way to  
>> create
>> a user.
>    User information is sent from the client.  The code literally  
> does a
> 'whoami' and 'groups' and sends that information to the server.
>    Shared data should be handled just like you would in UNIX:
>        - create a directory
>        - set permissions to be insecure
>        - go crazy

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