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From Deyaa Adranale <deyaa.adran...@iais.fraunhofer.de>
Subject Re: Is Hadoop the thing for us ?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 14:07:39 GMT
here is some informal description of the map/reduce model:

In the map/reduce paradigm there is usually input data consiting of 
(very large number of) records.
the paradigm assumes that you want to do some computation on each input 
record seperately (without simultenous access to other records) to 
produce some result (the map function). Then the results from the whole 
records are grouped (based on a key) and each group of results can be 
futher processed (the reduce function) together to produce a final 
result for each group.
Also, global parameters could be made visible to the map function.

so you have to try to model your problem as this model, and if it is 
possible, then you can  rewrite your porgram or use hadoop native libraries



Igor Nikolic wrote:
> Thank you for your comment, it did confirm my suspicions.
> You framed the problem correctly. I will probably invest a bit of time 
> studying the framework anyway, to see if a rewrite is interesting, 
> since we hit scaling limitations on our Agent scheduler framework. Our 
> main computational load is the massive amount of agent reasoning ( 
> think JbossRules) and  inter-agent communication ( they need to sell 
> and buy stuff to each other)  so I am not sure if it is at all 
> possible to break it down to small tasks, specially if this needs to 
> happen across CPU's, the latency is going to kill us.
> Thanks
> igor
> John Martyniak wrote:
>> I am new to Hadoop.  So take this information with a grain of salt.
>> But the power of Hadoop is breaking down big problems into small 
>> pieces and
>> spreading it across many (thousands) of machines, in effect creating a
>> massively parallel processing engine.
>> But in order to take advantage of that functionality you must write your
>> application to take advantage of it, using the Hadoop frameworks.
>> So if I understand  your dilemma correctly.  I do not think that 
>> Hadoop is
>> for you, unless you want to re-write your app to take advantage of 
>> it.  And
>> I suspect that if you have access to a traditional cluster, that will 
>> be a
>> better alternative for you.
>> Hope that this helps some.
>> -John
>> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 7:33 AM, Igor Nikolic <i.nikolic@tudelft.nl> 
>> wrote:
>>> Hello list
>>> We will be getting access to a cluster soon, and I was wondering 
>>> whether
>>> this I should use Hadoop ?  Or am I better of with the usual batch
>>> schedulers such as ProActive etc ? I am not a CS/CE person, and from 
>>> reading
>>> the website I can not get a sense of whether hadoop is for me.
>>> A little background:
>>> We have a  relatively large agent based simulation ( 20+ MB jar) 
>>> that needs
>>> to be swept across very large parameter spaces. Agents communicate only
>>> within the simulation, so there is no interprocess communication. The
>>> parameter vector is max 20 long , the simulation may take 5-10 
>>> minutes on a
>>> normal desktop and it might return a few mb of raw data. We need 
>>> 10k-100K
>>> runs, more if possible.
>>> Thanks for advice, even a short yes/no is welcome
>>> Greetings
>>> Igor
>>> -- 
>>> ir. Igor Nikolic
>>> PhD Researcher
>>> Section Energy & Industry
>>> Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
>>> Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
>>> Tel: +31152781135
>>> Email: i.nikolic@tudelft.nl
>>> Web: http://www.igornikolic.com
>>> wiki server: http://wiki.tudelft.nl

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