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From André Martin <m...@andremartin.de>
Subject java.io.IOException: Could not obtain block / java.io.IOException: Could not get block locations
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 13:02:58 GMT
Hi Hadoopers,
we are experiencing a lot of "Could not obtain block / Could not get 
block locations IOExceptions" when processing a 400 GB large Map/Red job 
using our 6 nodes DFS & MapRed (v. 0.16.4) cluster. Each node is 
equipped with a 400GB Sata HDD and running Suse Linux Enterprise 
Edition. While processing this "huge" MapRed job, the name node doesn't 
seem to receive heartbeats from datanodes for up to a couple of minutes 
and thus marks those nodes as dead even they are still alive and serving 
blocks according to their logs. We first suspected network congestion 
and measured the inter-node bandwidth using scp - receiving throughputs 
of 30MB/s. CPU utilization is about 100% when processing the job, 
however, the tasktracker instances shouldn't cause such datanode drop outs?
In the datanode logs, we see a lot of java.io.IOException: Block 
blk_-7943096461180653598 is valid, and cannot be written to. errors...

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Cu on the 'net,
                        Bye - bye,

                                   <<<<< André <<<< >>>>
èrbnA >>>>>

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