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From Brice Arnould <brice.arno...@gmail.com>
Subject Looking for "junior bugs"
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 15:42:24 GMT
Hi !
I'm a third year student. I'm going to do an internship in a research lab with 
another student. I don't know much details about it, except that our aim will 
be to evaluate Hadoop and, if we can, to propose a few patches.

So my question is : Do you know  bugs that I might try to fix in order to  
grasp the code ? I looked at Jira and seen many bugs that seemed interesting, 
but I'm unable to tell if it is reallistic for me to try fighting against 
If you have a few bugs to recomend me, I can't promise that I will fix them, 
but I do promise that I will try.


PS: I forgot to mention the worst : I'm french ! Please forgive me my 
english. If I've been impolite be sure that it's not by will.

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