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From "Bin YANG" <yangbinism...@gmail.com>
Subject Does HBase have a index?
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 08:39:30 GMT
Dear colleagues,

I have a questions on HBase's index implementation.

How does the HBase find the data according to a row key? Use a index
like database, or use a hash function?
I suppose that a hash function which hash row key to physical address
is more efficient.

As we know, a big table in HBase is stored as several Small tables,
each table stores attributes in a column family.
So that, each row may be stored in several small tables.
Does a hash function hash row key to many physical address? Each
physical address correspond to a small table which contains the row

Does anybody have idea on how to create a index on other attribute?

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Fudan University
Shanghai, P. R. China
EMail: yangbinisme82@gmail.com

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