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From "S. Nunes" <snu...@gmail.com>
Subject Hardware Details for a Small Cluster
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 15:16:22 GMT

I'm trying to deploy a small Hadoop cluster for our research lab.
We are in the process of selecting the hardware for this cluster. We
are aiming at a 12 CPU, 5 TB cluster. This is obviously a very rough

I have a few questions and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Which is better, a cluster based on many low performance nodes; or a
cluster with fewer but high performance nodes? For instance, should I
bet on a cluster with 4 nodes (1 CPU + 100 GB each) or on a cluster
with 2 nodes (2 CPU + 200 GB each)?

What should be considered regarding node homogeneity? I understand
that a very unbalanced cluster would result in a "long tailed"
performance - slower nodes would penalize the overall performance.
However, how critical is that? Do you have performance numbers to
support our decision?

Finally, do you recommend any specific hardware configuration for
starting a cluster (rack, blade, tower...) ?

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Sérgio Nunes

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