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From Andreas Kostyrka <andr...@kostyrka.org>
Subject Re: NFS mounted home, host RSA keys, localhost, strict sshds and bad mojo.
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 09:01:58 GMT
Add a .ssh/config file and make it stop doing the hostkey check for


Am Freitag, den 21.03.2008, 12:25 -0400 schrieb Colin Freas:
> i'm working to set up a cluster across several machines where users' home
> dirs are on an nfs mount.
> i setup key authentication for the hadoop user, install all the software on
> one node, get everything running, and move on to another node.
> once there, however, my sshd complains because the host key associated with
> "localhost" is a different machine, and it refuses the connection.
> i'm just testing here, so I can remove the localhost entry from
> .ssh/known_hosts, but, is this going to be an issue going forward if the
> home dirs are shared like this?
> can i get hadoop to use the ip or the hostname instead of localhost?  i
> scanned the config files, but it didn't jump out at me.
> -colin

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