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From Luca <raskolnikof...@yahoo.it>
Subject Re: Problems running a HOD test cluster
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:49:53 GMT
Allen Wittenauer wrote:

>> [2008-02-21 19:46:11,014] ERROR/40 torque:96 - qstat error: exit code:
>> 153 | signal: False | core False
>> [2008-02-21 19:46:11,017] INFO/20 hadoop:451 - Ringmaster at : None.
>     I bet your ringmaster didn't come up.  Check which nodes were allocated
> to your job via qstat -f.  Chances are good the first one is the ringmaster
> node.  Check the torque logs, syslogs, and the hod log dir for hints as to
> what happened.

So it was a ringmaster related problem, and it's now solved. Now another 
problem: I try to run an hadoop job but I get a timeout error from 
hadoop in trying to get the input path. I guess this might be related to 
the fact that I'm using an external HDFS already running, and I'm not 
sure how to hook hod with it.

I configured

external                        = True
host                            = mane-of-my-server.com
pkgs                            = /mnt/scratch/grid/hadoop/current
fs_port                         = 10010
info_port                       = 10007

but I'm not sure whether the actual fs_port is on 10010. Does anybody 
know what's the attribute in hadoop configuratioon where this value is 
specified? If not specified, there is a default/random value? Finally, 
is this a global attribute, or a node attribute? (like node A having 
some fs_port and node B having a different one).

Thanks in advance,

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