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From "Ned Rockson" <nrock...@stanford.edu>
Subject Problem with autogenerated C++ Records using bin/rcc
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 20:04:12 GMT
Recently I've been trying to autogenerate some data structures that
will work for both C++ and Java.  I've made many that work with Java,
but every time I try to generate one for C++ the generator breaks
down.  For instance, I was trying to create a Text class for C++, so I
created a text.jr:

module io {
class Text {
    ustring text;

that in Java works fine, but in C++, this is generated (implementation
is fine for the methods defined):

#ifndef __TEXT_DDL__
#define __TEXT_DDL__
#include "recordio.hh"
namespace io {
  class Text : public ::hadoop::Record {
     ::std::string text;
    virtual void serialize(::hadoop::OArchive& a_, const char* tag) const;
    virtual void deserialize(::hadoop::IArchive& a_, const char* tag);
    virtual const ::std::string& type() const;
    virtual const ::std::string& signature() const;
    virtual bool operator<(const Text& peer_) const;
    virtual bool operator==(const Text& peer_) const;
    virtual ~Text() {};
    virtual const  ::std::string& getText() const {
      return text;
    virtual  ::std::string& getText() {
      return text;
  }; // end record Text
} // end namespace io
#endif //TEXT_DDL__

What is obviously missing is
-a constructor,
-a setter (there are getters for const and non-const...)

This is with hadoop-0.15.1 and I've also tried following the examples
given in the API to no luck.  Thanks for any feedback!

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