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From Vadim Zaliva <kroko...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: single output file
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 00:13:11 GMT

On Jan 15, 2008, at 13:57, Ted Dunning wrote:

> This is happening because you have many reducers running, only one  
> of which
> gets any data.
> Since you have combiners, this probably isn't a problem.  That reducer
> should only get as many records as you have maps.  It would be a  
> problem if
> your reducer were getting lots of input records.
> You can avoid this by setting the number of reducers to 1.


I also have another, perhaps stupid question. I am trying to write a  
task which will produce a list of records with top N values. My idea  
is to write a reducer class which iterates through records keeping N  
with biggest values and spits them out. I can use it as both a  
combiner and reducer class. This way each MAP task will produce N  
records and I will set up single reduce task which will combine them  
into final N records. (N is reasonably small, like 10). However to do  
this I  need to postpone issuing output until I am done processing all  
records. I can try to do this in close() method, but I do not have an  
OutputCollector there. I guess I can write special output collector,  
but it seems a bit artificial.

Probably I am missing something obvious and there is a common and easy  
way to do this?



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