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From Vuk Ercegovac <verc...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: map/reduce with hbase
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2007 22:58:02 GMT
In addition to setting the inputformat and outputformat classes, there
seems to be an option to specify additional name,value pairs
in the jobconf ("-jobconf"). The input and output format classes need
additional arguments that are not set using the other streaming arguments.
One example is the list of columns to scan. Please have a look at the
"initJob" method in o.a.h.hbase.mapred.TableMap and
o.a.h.hbase.mapred.TableReduce as well as the junit test,
o.a.h.hbase.mapred.TestTableMapReduce for how these are used.
I have not used the streaming package so have not tried this myself.

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Basically what I am trying to do is access hbase from php sense I do not
know java and have not found it fun to learn

I was looking around and found this

but am unsure if it is what I thank it is looks like a way to access hbase
from a socket server I have coded socket server/client in the past in php
the question is how would I use this to get access from say php.

would I add this and rebuild the hbase file somehow?

Remember I am new to java so have vary little knowing on how to do stuff.


"Billy" <sales@pearsonwholesale.com> wrote in
message news:fh55ok$r4i$1@ger.gmane.org...
>I am using map/reduce with hadoop-0.15.0-streaming.jar to process the data

>with php scripts. I have coded to process the data the blow is an example
>of word counts from the input.
> bin/hadoop jar contrib/hadoop-0.15.0-streaming.jar -mapper
> /var/www/search/hadoop/wc-mapper.php -reducer
> /var/www/search/hadoop/wc-reducer.php -input input/* -output output
> What I am looking to do is get and store the input and output from/in
> hbase.
> Is that possible with hadoop-0.15.0-streaming.jar?
> If so can I get a command line example?
> thanks
> Billy

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