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From stack <saint....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Excpetion when combining Hadoop MapReduce with HBase
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 04:56:08 GMT
Holger Stenzhorn wrote:
> Since I am just a beginner at Hadoop and Hbase I cannot really tell whether an exception
is a "real" one or just a "hint" - but exceptions always look scary... :-)
Yeah.  You might add your POV to the issue.

> Anyways, when I did cut the allowed heap for the server and the test class both down
to 2GB. In this case I just get following (not too optimistic) results...
> Well, I post all the log I think that might be necessary since I cannot say which exception
is important and which one not.
Looks like your poor old mapreduce job failed when it tried to write a
record to hbase.

Looking at the master log, whats odd is that the catalog .META. table
has no mention of the 'triples' table.  Its been created?  (It may not
be showing because you are not running with logging at DEBUG level.
As of yesterday or so you can set DEBUG level from the UI by browsing
to 'Log Level' servlet at http://MASTER_HOST:PORT -- usually
http://localhost:60000/ -- and set the package
'org.apache.hadoop.hbase' to DEBUG).

But then you OOME.

You might try outputting back to local filesystem rather than to HDFS
-- use something like TextOutputFormat instead of TableOutputFormat.
If that works, then there is an issue w/ writing output to hbase.
Please open a JIRA, paste your MR program and lets figure a way to get
the data file across.

Thanks for your patience H,

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