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From Michael Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: NoSuchElementException when creating a table
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 20:55:03 GMT
Holger Stenzhorn wrote:
>>>> Hadoop RunJar looks to contain the only use of hadoop.tmp.dir other 
>>>> than test and contrib code.  It does the following: 'new File(new 
>>>> Configuration().get("hadoop.tmp.dir"));' using java.io.File.  In 
>>>> hbase, its all Path and hadoop FileSystem. So, yes, content of 
>>>> hadoop.tmp.dir is treated differently.
>>> Could that be changed? ...meaning, wouldn't it be sensible to change 
>>> HBase (to use Path etc.) so it behaves like Hadoop?
>> You mean, can hadoop be changed?  (Its hbase that's drunk the 
>> kool-aid; its the one that goes via hadoop FileSystem for all 
>> filesystem accesses whereas the hadoop use of hadoop.tmp.dir goes via 
>> java.io.File).
> Nope. I mean the other way around: Can you change the HBase code so it 
> goes via the Hadoop filesystem? ...or would this imply a performance 
> drop for HBase?
It already does (See my comments above).

>> What happens if you clean up your local directory removing 
>> ${hadoop.tmp.dir} and retry?
> Again, if I use "c:\tmp\hadoop-holste" as value for 
> "${hadoop.tmp.dir}" it works: The log reflects just the situation when 
> this variable is not set in "hbase-site.xml" - then it does not work.
> I also forgot to mention in my last my that it is not just 
> "${hadoop.tmp.dir}" set to "/tmp/hadoop-${user.name}" that causes the 
> problem but also if it is set to "/tmp/hadoop-holste".

Did you try my suggestion of removing anything that might once have been 
a value for hadoop.tmp.dir?

Testing here on cygwin using local filesystem and all defaults, it all 
just works fine.  I'm disturbed by the state you seem to be in where the 
.META. table is not being deployed AND there is no exception saying 
why.   The only think I can think is that previous runs have left a 
horked -ROOT- region on the filesystem.

Good on you Holger,

>> Thanks,
>> St.Ack
>>>> Did you just change the value of hadoop.tmp.dir from 
>>>> /tmp/hadoop-${user.name} to /tmp/hadoop-holste on cygwin and it 
>>>> then worked?
>>> No. I changed it to changed the value "c:\tmp\hadoop-holste".
>>>>> Also, I tried to do the very same (as described in my intitial 
>>>>> mail) on Ubuntu also *without* specifying "hadoop.tmp.dir".
>>>>> There it works wihtout problems...
>>>> Yeah.  I know things work out-of-the-box on linux/macosx.  Jim has 
>>>> been doing a bunch of work trying to get the same to happen on 
>>>> cygwin (10Minutes has the latest fruit of his work).
>>>>> As requested by Michel Stack I also attach my log (turned to 
>>>>> debug) when starting the server.
>>>> Thanks for the log.  Comments interlaced.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Holger
>>>>> 07/11/02 13:40:09 DEBUG conf.Configuration: java.io.IOException: 
>>>>> config()
>>>>>   at 
>>>>> org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration.<init>(Configuration.java:144)
>>>>>   at 
>>>>> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.HBaseConfiguration.<init>(HBaseConfiguration.java:30)

>>>>>   at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.HMaster.doMain(HMaster.java:3043)
>>>>>   at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.HMaster.main(HMaster.java:3097)
>>> ...

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