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From "Nick Lothian" <nloth...@educationau.edu.au>
Subject Hadoop on Windows
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 05:43:57 GMT


I'm trying to get Hadoop running on Windows, and I've found that it
isn't exactly a simple process (yes, I'm using Cygwin).

I've had a quick look though the mailing list, and I see the occasional
question about it, generally with the response "use Cygwin", and no
further details.

Is anyone actually successfully running Hadoop on Windows/Cygwin? If so,
have you had similar problems to those outlined below? I think there's a
fair chance the first two of these are environmental local to my
machine, but it would be nice to be sure that if I keep working on this
it will work in the end...

1) Running bin/start-all.sh gives:
: no address associated with name

That turns out to be a Unix vs DOS line endings thing (!). 

Running the following commands fixed that:

dos2unix.exe /cygdrive/c/dev/prog/hadoop-0.14.1/conf/masters
dos2unix.exe /cygdrive/c/dev/prog/hadoop-0.14.1/conf/slaves

2) Any script using hadoop-daemon.sh failed. This turned out to be
another Unix vs DOS line endings thing. The critical error looked like

<machine-name>: head: cannot open
-<machine-name>\r.out' for reading: No such file or directory

(note that "\r.out" in the logfile name...)

The fix for that was to alter the hadoop-daemon.sh script. Replace:

HADOOP_LOGFILE=hadoop-$HADOOP_IDENT_STRING-$command-`'hostname' | sed


log=$HADOOP_LOG_DIR/hadoop-$HADOOP_IDENT_STRING-$command-`'hostname' |
sed s/\r//`.out

3) Now the start-all.sh script seems to run ok, but the Java processes
which are started on the slave machine (in this case the same machine as
the master) die soon after launching.

If I manually run:
bin/hadoop jobtracker
bin/hadoop tasktracker
bin/hadoop namenode
bin/hadoop datanode

I can succesfully submit jobs. However, when using the start-all.sh
script the submitted jobs fail to connect (because the jobtracker dies).
Has anyone else seen this? Is there a workaround?

  Nick Lothian

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