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From "Toby DiPasquale" <codeslin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Google to offer open source cloud computing to academia.
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 12:05:35 GMT
On 10/9/07, Jonathan Hendler <hendlerman@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey, where's Hadoop? I've never seen an open-source version of Bigtable.

Its called HBase:


Link is right on the front page of the wiki. AFAIK its not prime-time
yet, but its being actively worked on.

In any case, I'll bet that the software they are referring to is
Hadoop/HBase and the IBM software they refer to is their Eclipse
plugin for Hadoop. Both already exist and both companies have been
involved with Hadoop for some time now: IBM in doing stuff with
hooking Eclipse up to Hadoop and Google using Hadoop to teach a class
at UoW about MapReduce computing.

Plus, there's no other clone of the published pieces of Google
infrastructure that's open source and this far along, so what else
could they be talking about? ;-)

Toby DiPasquale

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