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From Michael Stack <st...@duboce.net>
Subject Re: Getting started with HBase
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 01:06:30 GMT
It doesn't have the hadoop*hbase.jar but it has the hbase classes.  
Pattern for contribs seems to be that contrib jars gets built into the 
contrib directory (See product of the package build).  Presumption 
to-date  is that hbase is hosted inside of hadoop (The start scripts 
will look in dirs above for hadoop jars and libs, scripts and configs).

Have a go at the build script Dennis.  A patch is probably best way of 
you getting your point across.

Good stuff,

Dennis Kubes wrote:
> Yeah, except for that still doesn't have the 
> hadoop-0.16.0-dev-hbase.jar , would those be dropped into the hadoop 
> installation or the root hbase directory?  From this build it looks 
> like we are keeping it hbase separate from the hadoop build, kinda.  
> If we are keeping the HBase install separate then it would be best to 
> have a runnable HBase drop such as copy and go.  If you want I can 
> modify the ant script for this?
> Dennis Kubes
> Michael Stack wrote:
>> Should we be making a runnable hbase at 
>> $HADOOP_HOME/build/contrib/hbase Dennis?
>> If you run the package target from $HADOOP_HOME/build.xml, under 
>> $HADOOP_HOME/build it makes a hadoop-X.X.X directory.  In its src, 
>> there is a contrib/hbase with the lib, bin, etc.  You can run hbase 
>> from here.
>> Let us know and we'll fix...
>> St.Ack
>> Dennis Kubes wrote:
>>> I am just getting started with HBase.  Thinking about using it for 
>>> future Nutch development.  Have successfully build with ant 
>>> scripts.  In the src I see conf and bin directories similar to 
>>> Hadoop.  But in the build I don't see those.  Is there a build that 
>>> I can drop into  a directory that contains the conf, webapps, libs, 
>>> etc. or do I need to pull all of that together myself?
>>> Dennis

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