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From Robert Jessop <rjes...@frd.co.uk>
Subject Using hadoop for distributed rendering
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:37:41 GMT
Hi there. I did a search of the mailing list archives looking for 
something similar to this, but I didn't find anything so apologies if 
this has been discussed before.

I'm investigating using Hadoop for distributed rendering. The Mapper 
would define the tiles to be rendered and the nodes would render them 
using the scene data (which is for the sake of argument, all wrapped up 
in one big binary file on the HDFS). The reducer would take the output 
tiles and stitch them together to form the final image. I have a system 
that does this already but it doesn't have any of the advantages of a 
distributed file system, there are lots of IO bottlenecks and 
communication overheads. All the code is currently in C++.

Does this sound like a good use for Hadoop?

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