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From Lance Boomerang <lr...@boomerang.com>
Subject Anybody using HDFS as a long term storage solution?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 21:43:13 GMT
Curious to see if anyone has been considering using HDFS for a general 
storage platform.
I have been playing around with using HDFS to store video type assets.

wondering what type of mileage folks might be seeing?
Problems with too many small files?
Upgrading the system as new versions of HDFS/Hadoop come out.

Are there any recent updates on dealing with the single point of failure 
in the single namenode?

Has anyone considered using DRBD  to replicate the FsImage and 
EditLog(s) and then use
Linux HA heartbeat to bring up the redundant node in the event of 
failure?  Also, has anyone
experimented with putting the alternate copies of the FsImage and 
EditLog on a shared disk (NFS / NAS) ?

Another big question:  Has anybody tried using HADOOP / HDFS across 
multiple geographic sites?

Thanks in advance,


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