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From Sebastien Rainville <srainvi...@brightspark.com>
Subject JRuby + Hadoop
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:57:09 GMT

I'm trying to write a map/reduce job in ruby. Does anyone have an
example of the ruby code? I've seen the word count example written in
python but it looks to me that it's a different scenario... where the
code is actually being compiled and put in a jar first.

More precisely, I'm working with nutch which means that from within my
ruby code I need to access data using nutch's java classes. JRuby can
access the Java classes and hadoop-streaming in supposed to be able to
execute map/reduce code written in any language... what I don't
understand is what goes in between (especially how the ruby code would
receive the arguments... for the output I guess it's just a matter of
calling output.collect() like usual).


p.s. an example in another language is also welcomed... I can translate

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