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From rubdabadub <rubdaba...@gmail.com>
Subject bzr branches for Apache Lucene/Nutch/Solr/Hadoop at Launchpad
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 11:14:56 GMT

First of all apology to those friends who follow all the list.

Often times I work offline and I do not have any commit rights to any
of the projects. All the modifications I make for various clients and
trying to keep up to date with latest trunk somehow makes it difficult
for me to just stick with "subversion". I have heard many things about
revision control system and I am sure there are tricks/fixes for the
subversion problem i mentioned above, but I also wanted to learn
something new :-) So after some trial with many DRCS I have decided to
go for Bazaar! Its really cool DRCS.. you got try it.


Now due to the fact that SVN is RCS and bzr is DRCS one need to
convert SVN repos to bzr repos. and cool enough.. there is a free vcs
mirroring service at Launchpad


So now the following projects are available via bzr branch. You can
access them here.

Nutch - https://launchpad.net/nutch
Solr - https://launchpad.net/solr
Lucene - https://launchpad.net/lucene
Hadoop - https://launchpad.net/hadoop

It only mirrors "trunk". Thats what I need to follow thats why and I
don't see any reason to mirror releases.


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