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From Simon Willnauer <sim...@sabre-labs.com>
Subject Re: Hadoop suitable for production
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:42:42 GMT
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Thanks Timothy for your short answer, I guess I have to be a bit more
Actually I'm interested in the  distributed FS rather than in the
Map/Reduce features. Did the HDFS change very much since it has been
moved out of the nutch project?As far as I can tell the version of
hadoop is a very very early one but this hasn't been developed from
the scratch right?
I can remember that nutch has been around for a while and nutch does
make use of HDFS as well.
Is there anybody around who runs hadoop in a production env. at all?

Timothy talked about "major bugs" still coming up, so are they rather
related to new features or also to the DFS? (I don't need details
don't worry)
What I need to know is if it is worth to use HDFS to build a prototype
and a proof of concept for an upcoming project. If we can not use it
due to it's early dev. state it's ok but we could save heaps of time
with some information or recommendations.

thank you for your answer,


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Timothy Chklovski wrote:
> not at all suitable major bugs still come up
> best,
> --tim
> On 3/13/07, *Simon Willnauer* <simonw@sabre-labs.com
> <mailto:simonw@sabre-labs.com>> wrote:
> Hi Hadoops, recently I read an article in a well known German IT
> magazine about Hadoop and HDFS. Eventually the article says that
> hadoop is currently not suitable for a production deployment as it
> is in a early development state. As far as I know has hadoop been
> in development for a while and formerly known as Nutch DFS, is that
> right?! Can you confirm that the current state of the distributed
> file system is ready for production purpose?!
> Best regards
> Simon
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