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From Michael Stack <st...@archive.org>
Subject Re: s3
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2007 02:52:35 GMT
Tom White wrote:
> I've raised a Jira: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-857.
> I'll take a look at it.
> Tom
Thanks (Your supposition in 857 looks right).

Other things I notice are that the '-rmr'/'-lsr' options don't act as 
'expected'.  Its a little confusing.  Should the 'hadoop fs' tool return 
from rmr/lsr rather be that the action is not supported rather than 
'success' if, say, I try to remove a 'directory' from S3?  (See below 
for illustrative output).

Any what do people think of the following.  We already have a bunch of 
stuff up in S3 that we'd like to use as input to a hadoop mapreduce job 
only it wasn't put there by hadoop so it doesn't have the hadoop format 
where file-is-actually-a-list-of-blocks.   What if files put there by 
the S3 filesystem started w/ some 'magic' and if not present, assume 
file is not a list of 'blocks' but actual file content?  It means you'd 
loose some facility (E.g: rename might not be possible, or 
expensive,etc.)  Also, for copying into S3, it would be sweet if could 
set a flag that said don't make files be a list of INODES but be actual 
files when they land on S3 (I'm thinking of a big CopyFiles mapreduce 
job that would pull loads of local content with http and deposit it all 
into S3 untampered so it could be served from the likes of apache w/o 
having to go via hadoop).

Good stuff,

Here I'm listing a BUCKET directory that was copied up using 'hadoop 
fs', then rmr'ing it and then listing again:

stack@bregeon:~/checkouts/hadoop$  ./bin/hadoop fs -fs 
s3://ID:SECRET@BUCKET -ls /fromfile
Found 2 items
/fromfile/diff.txt      <r 1>   591
/fromfile/x.js  <r 1>   2477
stack@bregeon:~/checkouts/hadoop$  ./bin/hadoop fs -fs 
s3://ID:SECRET@BUCKET -rmr /fromfile
Deleted /fromfile
stack@bregeon:~/checkouts/hadoop$  ./bin/hadoop fs -fs 
s3://ID:SECRET@BUCKET -ls /fromfile
Found 0 items

The '0 items' is odd because, now, listing my BUCKET using a tool other 
than 'hadoop fs' (i.e. hanzo webs python scripts):

stack@bregeon:~/checkouts/hadoop.trunk$ s3ls BUCKET

Its all still there still.  I can subsequently do the likes of the 

stack@bregeon:~/checkouts/hadoop$  ./bin/hadoop fs -fs 
s3://ID:SECRET@BUCKET -rmr /fromfile/diff.txt

... and the delete will succeed and looking at the bucket with alternate 
tools shows that it has actually been remove, and so on up the hierarchy.

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