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From Sameer Paranjpye <same...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: Some queries on Master node
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:28:33 GMT

Jagadeesh wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a cluster of more than 25 servers which basically serves the purpose
> for storage. However I was wondering what will happen if the master node
> gets exhausted of disk space. If I add more nodes to the cluster, 
> 1. Will Hadoop move the blocks in master node to the newly added nodes?

No, HDFS will not move blocks to new nodes automatically. New files that 
are added will likely have their blocks placed on the new nodes. Also, 
removing old files will remove some blocks that are on your older nodes.

One way to re-balance your cluster would be to:
- Select a subset of files that take up a good percentage of your disk space
- Copy them to new locations in your HDFS
- Remove the *old* copies of the files
- Rename the new copies to their previous names

> 2. Is there any parameter where I can specify not to write file chunks /
> blocks in the master node and rather always use other nodes in the cluster?

Do you need to keep data on your master node? The simple way to not do 
this is to remove the master node from the 'slaves' file.

> Since there is always a possibility for single point failure, I would like
> to keep the master node as secure as possible.

To keep your filesystem metadata safe, you might consider one of the 
following options:
- Set up a cron tab to periodically copy the 'image' and 'edits' files 
from under the namenode to a different location. If your master node 
loses its disk you can bring up the namenode with the copies.
- AFAIK, the upcoming 0.8 release will include a mechanism by which the 
namenode writes the image and edits files to multiple locations. You can 
then specify multiply directories in the 'dfs.name.dir' config variable. 
One or more of these can be NFS mounted volumes on another node. Again, 
if you lose the master node, you can bring up the namenode with one of 
the remaining copies of the image and edits.

> I am planning to go live with this setup by end of this week and I really
> appreciate if you can send me a reply for the above queries.

Good luck!

> Thanks
> Jugs

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