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From amcn...@mcnabbs.org (Andrew McNabb)
Subject Networking problem in 0.7.1
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 19:19:45 GMT
I just upgraded from Hadoop 0.6.2 to 0.7.1.  I'm having a new networking
problem now.  My mapred.job.tracker now only listens on localhost
( All of the other services seem to be behaving correctly.
In hadoop-site.xml, I have mapred.job.tracker set to "prodigy:50006" and
fs.default.name to "prodigy:50005".  I have not overridden
mapred.job.tracker.info.bindAddress anywhere, so I would assume it's
still at as in hadoop-default.xml.  Here's what "lsof -i |grep
^java" gives me:

java      18233 amcnabb    3u  IPv4  63875       TCP prodigy.aml.cs.byu.edu:38083->sage.aml.cs.byu.edu:ldap
java      18233 amcnabb    8u  IPv6  64013       TCP *:50070 (LISTEN)
java      18233 amcnabb   10u  IPv6  64014       TCP localhost.localdomain:50005 (LISTEN)
java      18233 amcnabb   13u  IPv6  65342       TCP localhost.localdomain:50005->localhost.localdomain:45751
java      18311 amcnabb    6u  IPv6  64091       TCP *:50075 (LISTEN)
java      18311 amcnabb   10u  IPv6  65341       TCP localhost.localdomain:45751->localhost.localdomain:50005
java      18311 amcnabb   12u  IPv6  64047       TCP *:50010 (LISTEN)
java      18377 amcnabb    3u  IPv4  64087       TCP prodigy.aml.cs.byu.edu:38097->sage.aml.cs.byu.edu:ldap
java      18377 amcnabb    9u  IPv6  64835       TCP localhost.localdomain:50006 (LISTEN)
java      18377 amcnabb   12u  IPv6  64838       TCP *:50030 (LISTEN)
java      18459 amcnabb    7u  IPv6  64252       TCP *:50060 (LISTEN)
java      18459 amcnabb   10u  IPv6  64255       TCP *:50050 (LISTEN)

For some reason, the fs and jobtracker are listening on
localhost.localdomain instead of *.  Any ideas on what could be going
wrong?  Also, is there a standard port number to use for the
fs.default.name, mapred.job.tracker, etc. (I just made them up)?

Andrew McNabb
PGP Fingerprint: 8A17 B57C 6879 1863 DE55  8012 AB4D 6098 8826 6868

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