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From Konstantin Shvachko <...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: What about append in hadoop files ?
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 18:09:56 GMT

I remember Doug advised somebody on a related issue to use a directory 
instead of a file for long lasting appends.
You can logically divide your output into smaller files and close them 
whenever the logical boundary is reached.
The directory can be treated as a collection of records. May be this 
will work for you.
IMO the concurrent append feature is a high priority task.


Doug Cutting wrote:

> drwho wrote:
>> If so, GFS, is also suitable only for large, offline, batch 
>> computations ?
>> I wonder how Google is going to use GFS for writely or their online
>> spreadsheet or their  BigTable (their gigantic relational DB).
> Did I say anything about GFS?  I don't think so.  Also, I said, 
> "currently" and "primarily", not "forever" and "exclusively".  I would 
> love for DFS to be more suitable for online, incremental stuff, but 
> we're a ways from that right now.  As I said, we're pursuing 
> reliability, scalability and performance before features like append. 
> If you'd like to try to implement append w/o disrupting work on 
> reliability scalability and performance, we'd welcome your 
> contributions.  The project direction is determined by contributors.
> Note that BigTable is a complex layer on top of GFS that caches and 
> batches i/o.  So, while GFS does implement some features that DFS 
> still does not (like appends), GFS is probably not used directly by, 
> e.g., writely.  Finally, BigTable is not relational.
> Doug
>> Doug Cutting <cutting@apache.org> wrote: <chopped>
>> DFS is currently primarily used to support large, offline, batch 
>> computations.  For example, a log of critical data with tight 
>> transactional requirements is probably an inappropriate use of DFS at 
>> this time.  Again, this may change, but that's where we are now.
>> Doug
>> Thanks much.
>> -eric 

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