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From Gianlorenzo Thione <thi...@gmail.com>
Subject Multiple tasktrackers per node
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 03:05:51 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'll ask my first question on this forum and hopefully start building  
more and more understanding of hadoop so that we can eventually  
contribute actively. In the meanwhile, I have a simple issue/question/ 

I have many multi-core, multi-processor nodes in my cluster and I'd  
like to be able to run several tasktrackers and datanode per physical  
machine. I am modifying the startup scripts so that a number of  
worker JVMs can be started on each node, maxed out at the number of  
CPUs seen by the kernel.

Since our map jobs are highly CPU intensive it makes sense to run  
parallel jobs on each node, maximizing the CPU utilization.

Is that something that would make sense to roll back in the scripts  
for hadoop as well? Anybody else running on multi processor  

Lorenzo Thione
Powerset, Inc.

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