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From Krzysztof Kucybała <krzysztof.kucyb...@softwaremind.pl>
Subject Hadoop + WinXP + cygwin
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 12:39:32 GMT

I am new to hadoop as well as cygwin, and as far as I know, you need to 
use cygwin in order to use hadoop on win. Unfortunately I'm not allowed 
to switch to linux or even use a linux machine to get the dfs running. 
Seems there's no other way but the cygwin-way, is there? Anyways, I was 
wondering, is there a way to get hadoop daemons running via cygwin, and 
then quit the latter? Cause I think I got the namenode and datanode 
running (how can I test that, by the way - other than by writing "ps" in 
cygwin? Does writing the address and port of the node in a browser and 
waiting for the outcome, which is a blank-but-not-error page, tell me 
anything about whether the dfs is configured correctly?), yet if I close 
cygwin, the daemons shutdown too.

And there's another thing I'd like to ask. I'm writing a Java program 
that is supposed to connect to a dfs. As much as I've read the API docs, 
I suppose I should use the DistributedFileSystem class, shouldn't I? But 
what does creating it's instance actually do? Create me a new filesystem 
or rather just a connection to an existing one? What I do is specify a 
InetSocketAddress and a Configuration. Can the configuration object be 
created using the hadoop-defaul.xml and hadoop-site.xml files?

I know these questions probably sound stupid, but still I'd really 
appreciate if someone provided me with some answers. I'm a true beginner 
  in the matters of hadoop and cygwin, and I'm also quite new to Java, 
so please - be gentle ;o)

Krzysztof Kucybała
Software Mind | Where Quality Meets the Future

e-mail: krzysztof.kucybala@softwaremind.pl
skype: krzysztof.kucybala
tel./fax: +48-12 614 51 70

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