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From Jeff Ritchie <jritc...@netwurklabs.com>
Subject JobTracker
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 20:56:40 GMT
Hello everyone.

I quickly hacked up a script to generate, fetch, updatedb, invertlinks, 
index,  and repeat last night.  When I viewed the jobtracker.jsp status 
page this morning It showed several failed jobs.  To see which jobs were 
what tasks I looked through the output of my script (or should I say the 
output of the nutch tools).  About half of the 'failed jobs' actually 
completed successfully?  The nutch tool (be it gen, fetch, update, 
invert, or index) responded with job complete.  Maps went to 100%  
Reduces went to 100%.

So I guess the question is: Who is lying?

Any ideas?

Jeff Ritchie

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