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From Manish Yadav <manish.ya...@orkash.com>
Subject Hadoop pipes
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 12:04:29 GMT
Hi every body out there
I use wordcount.cpp code in hadoop, in the code of wordcount.cpp in map 
function  i just add too extra line add two lines system("clear"); and 
cout<<"hello world"; just for experimentation purpose.
now the code  is complied successfully ,but when i run it it create 
problems  . It does not produce the desires result.
In my out put i does not found "hello world"or not the screen of my 
system being cleared why it is so? why these statement are  not 
  what should I do to get my desired result? where  I should  put these 
two line in the code so that they can be executed ?

  I put them in main function too but they are not still responding, 
Please tell me what should  I do to use these two statement ?

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