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From Bokor Andras <bok...@freemail.hu>
Subject Looking for reviewers after testing 3.0-alpha
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2017 15:07:01 GMT
Hi all,

I was testing 3.0-alpha releases (build, install, run) and I found some bugs.
Some of them were merged but some of them got stuck in "Patch Available" status. I am looking
for reviewers for these tickets. I would be glad to see them in 3.0

HADOOP-14414. Calling maven-site-plugin directly for docs profile is unnecessary
HADOOP-14229. hadoop.security.auth_to_local example is incorrect in the documentation
HADOOP-13238. pid handling is failing on secure datanode
HADOOP-14389. Exception handling is incorrect in KerberosName.java
HADOOP-7002. Wrong description of copyFromLocal and copyToLocal in documentation
HADOOP-14420. generateReports property is not applicable for maven-site-plugin:attach-descriptor
HADOOP-14343. Wrong pid file name in error message when starting secure daemon
HADOOP-14644. javadoc:test-javadoc fails with OutOfMemoryError
HADOOP-14643. Clean up Test(HDFS|LocalFS)FileContextMainOperations and FileContextMainOperationsBaseTest
HADOOP-14677. mvn clean compile fails
HADOOP-12802. local FileContext does not rename .crc file
HADOOP-8690. Shell may remove a file without going to trash even if skipTrash is not enabled

Thank in advance,

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