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From Chris Nauroth <cnaur...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: ASF OS X Build Infrastructure
Date Thu, 19 May 2016 17:08:47 GMT
Allen, thank you for doing this.

Regarding lack of personal access to anything but Linux, I'll take this as
an opportunity to remind everyone that ASF committers (not just limited to
Hadoop committers) are entitled to a free MSDN license, which can get you
a Windows VM for validating Windows issues and any patches that touch
cross-platform concerns, like the native code.  Contributors who are not
committers still might struggle to get access to Windows, but all of us
reviewing and committing patches do have access.

It has long been on my TODO list to set up similar Jenkins jobs for
Windows, but it keeps slipping.  I'll try once again to bump up priority.

--Chris Nauroth

On 5/19/16, 9:41 AM, "Allen Wittenauer" <aw@apache.org> wrote:

>	Some of you may not know that the ASF actually does have an OS X machine
>(a Mac mini, so it¹s not a speed demon) in the build infrastructure.
>While messing around with getting all? of the trunk jobs reconfigured to
>do Java 8 and separate maven repos, I noticed that this box tends to sit
>idle most of the day. Why take advantage of it?  Therefore, I also setup
>two jobs for us to use to help alleviate the ³I don¹t have access to
>anything but Linux² excuse when writing code that may not work in a
>portable manner.
>Jobs #1:
>	https://builds.apache.org/view/H-L/view/Hadoop/job/Precommit-HADOOP-OSX
>	This basically runs Apache Yetus precommit with quite a few of the
>unnecessary tests disabled.  For example, there¹s no point in running
>checkstyle.  Note that this job takes the *full* JIRA issue id as input.
>So ŒHADOOP-9902¹ not Œ9902¹.  This allows for one Jenkins job to be used
>for all the Hadoop sub-projects (HADOOP, HDFS, MR, YARN).  ³But my code
>is on github and I don¹t want to upload a patch!²  I haven¹t tested it,
>but it should also take a URL, so just add a .diff to the end of your
>github compare URL and put that in the issue box.  It hypothetically
>should work.
>Job #2:
>	I¹m still hammering on this one because the email notifications aren¹t
>working to my satisfaction plus we have some extremely Linux-specific
>code in YARNŠ but 
>	https://builds.apache.org/view/H-L/view/Hadoop/job/hadoop-trunk-osx-java8
>	Š is a ³build the world² job similar to what is currently running under
>the individual sub projects.  (This actually makes it one of the few
>³build everything² jobs we have running. Most of the other jobs only
>build that particular sub project.).  It does not run the full unit test
>suite and it also does not build all of the native code.  This gives us a
>place to start on our journey of making Hadoop actually, truly run
>everywhere.  (Interesting side note: It¹s been *extremely* consistent in
>what fails vs. the Linux build hosts.)
>	At some point, likely after YETUS-390 is complete, I¹ll switch this job
>over to be run by Apache Yetus in qbt mode so that it¹s actually easier
>to track failures across all dirs.  A huge advantage over raw maven
>	Happy testing everyone.
>	NOTE: if you don¹t have access to launch jobs on builds.apache.org,
>you¹ll need to send a request to private@.  The Apache Hadoop PMC has the
>keys to give access to folks.
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